Message from the Government Statistician

BULA and Welcome to the Website of the Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBOS), Fiji's official National Statistics Agency.


The challenge of providing reliable, timely and relevant statistics will remain and the Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBoS) is working on a strategy geared towards greater engagement with the providers and users of data. Part of the strategy is having more data available on the Web.

This will improve access and which should lead to a greater usage and appreciation of statistics. We believe that an increased number of statistics users will be followed closely by the level of cooperation to our surveys.

The demand for detail grows with the increasing complexity of economic transactions taking place within country as is with the rest of the world. We therefore continue to request our data sources i.e. the businesses and householders, for more time to fill in the questionnaires which have become more detailed hence lengthy. So we are working on producing statistics that are easily understood and useful to a wide range of users.
The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) recently completed some upgrade work on this website.The website upgrade provides us with a user-friendly content management system, which allows users to more easily access the statistical publications and releases. The big challenge now is narrowing the gap between the vast amounts of data available and that which is readily accessible to the public.The SPC development work will see us moving towards unveiling the beauty of statistical time series by converting a lot of the numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphs.
With evidence based planning now a requirement for development actors, we as the organization providing the evidence will continue to face major challenges. The cooperation of all our stakeholders will ensure that we continue to improve on our service delivery.

Epeli Waqavonovono
Government Statistician