National Accounts

FBoS Release No.8, 2018  

14th February 2018

The Expenditure Approach of measuring GDP adds up the value of purchases made by final users in an economy. Hence GDP by Expenditure Approach can be calculated as the sum of Final Consumption Expenditure (FCE), Gross Capital Formation (GCF) and Net Exports (NX). The expenditure approach works on the principle that all of the products must be purchased.
The 2016 GDP by Expenditure at current market price is provisionally estimated at $9.8 billion, and is made up of the following components:
1. Final Consumption Expenditure: $8.4 billion;
2. Gross Capital Formation: $1.8 billion;
3. Net Exports: - $0.6 billion; and
4. Statistical Discrepancy: $0.2 billion.

Details are provided in Table 1 below.

Table 1: GDP Expenditure Approach by Components

Gdp e 2016a
Any discrepancy in totals and sum of components are due to rounding.
* Changes in inventories have not been estimated using an indicator due to the unpredictable nature of the variable. The value will be revised once actual survey results become available.


Graph 1 below shows the movement of the components of GDP Expenditure over the period 2005 - 2016.

Gdp e 2016b


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