FBoS Release No: 46, 2017

4th September 2017

The provisional estimate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at constant basic price for 2016 shows an increase of 0.4 percent over 2015. The GDP value of $6.7 billion was estimated using 2011 prices and reflects the net value of goods and services produced in Fiji. The information used in this release is sourced from surveys and administrative sources.


The economy’s expansion in 2016 was driven by positive growth contributions in the following industries:

  • Wholesale and Retail contributed 0.8 percentage points;
  • Public Administration and Defence contributed 0.4 percentage points;
  • Construction contributed 0.3 percentage points;
  • Information and Communication contributed 0.3 percentage points; and
  • Education contributed 0.2 percentage points.

There was contraction in the following industries; Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Accommodation and Food Service Activities, Real Estate Activities, Manufacturing and Financial & Insurance Activities due to Tropical Cyclone Winston.

Further details are provided in Table 1 on the following page.

Table 1: Contribution to Growth from 2012 - 2016


2016 Main Movements by Industry

Graph 2: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

gdp16cAgriculture was down 7.6 percent due to lower production of taro, sugarcane, poultry and cassava. Forestry contracted by 21.9 percent due to lower production of pine and mahogany logs. Fishing was down 1.6 percent mainly due to decreased production of marine organisms and materials.









Graph 3: Construction, Mining & Quarrying, Electricity and Water Supply & Sewerage

gdp16dConstruction grew by 11.7 percent mainly due to increases in non-general government and informal activities. Electricity was up 2.3 percent due to higher electricity production while Mining & Quarrying recorded an increase of 6.2 percent mainly due to higher stone and sand production. Water Supply & Sewerage was down 1.1 percent resulting from lower supply of water.










Graph 4: Manufacturing and Wholesale & Retail & Repair of Motor Vehicles & Motor Cycles and Transport & Storage

gdp16eManufacturing was down by 1.9 percent due to lower production of sugar, fish, crustaceans and molluscs, plastic products, sawmilling and planning of wood. On the other hand Wholesale & Retail Trade recorded a growth of 7.0 percent which was driven by an increase in the sale of motor vehicles, hardware, paints and glass. The Transport & Storage industry grew by 0.3 percent.











Graph 5: Accommodation & Food Services, Information & Communication and Financial & Insurance

gdp16fThe Financial & Insurance industry was down by 2.4 percent due to decline in the activities of life and non-life insurance. The Information & Communication industry grew by 5.7 percent as a result of an increase in telecommunication services. The Accommodation & Food Services industry recorded a decline of 6.3 percent as a result of decline in accommodation services.










Graph 6: Real Estate, Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities and Administrative & Support Services

gdp16gThe Real Estate industry was down 6.8 percent resulting from a decline in the value of owner occupied dwellings while Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities was up 2.7 percent. The growth in Professional, Scientific & Technical activities was mainly due to an increase in legal and accounting activities. The Administrative & Support Services industry recorded a growth of 2.2 percent driven mainly by increases in activities of;

• rental & leasing;
• travel agency and tour operators.







Graph 7: Public Administration & Defence, Education, Human Health & Social Work, Arts Entertainment & Recreation and Other Service Activities

gdp16hPublic Administration & Defence was up 4.5 percent as a result of an increase in general public administration, public order & safety and defence services. The Education industry grew by 2.4 percent due to increased student enrolment in primary, technical & vocational and higher education. Human Health and Social Work grew by 3.9 percent resulting from growth in the human health activities of general government. The Arts, Entertainment & Recreation industry recorded a growth of 1.7 percent mainly from an increase in sports and other amusement & recreational activities. Other Service Activities grew by 1.8 percent resulting from an increase in activities of membership organisations.







The following contact persons are available to attend to any further enquiries:

  1. Mr. Bimlesh Krishna – Principal Statistician [National Accounts & Sector Satellite Account] on email or telephone 331 5822 (ext: 386 233).
  2. Ms. Artika Devi – Senior Statistician [National Accounts & Sector Satellite Account] on email or telephone 331 5822 (ext: 386 237).