FBoS Release No: 30, 2016
30th June 2016

The experimental Producer Price Index (Services) measures changes in the average prices received by domestic service producers for a selected range of services. The main uses of the Index are to provide:

  1. deflators to estimate Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at Constant Prices.
  2. a short term indicator of the business cycle. 

The Fiji Standard Industrial Classification (FSIC) 2010 has been used for classifying industries and services.

The PPI (Services) survey only covers land transportation services. The index is published to engage users in the ongoing development of the methodology.

March Quarter Highlights


The Land transport index stands at 110.3 for the March quarter of 2016, representing an increase of 0.3 percentage points when compared to a year earlier and to the December quarter of 2015. The movement in the producer prices of freight transport by road is due to increases in operational costs.









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Appendix I Technical notes

For further enquiries, please contact Ms. Komal Devi on email or telephone 331 5822 (ext. 386 239) or direct line 323 0839.

The Producer Price Index (Services) for June Quarter 2016 will be released by end of September, 2016.