Release No. 65, 2013

26th September, 2013



Fiji’s earnings from tourism for the June quarter of 2013 is provisionally estimated at $317.3 million.  This represents a $34.9 million or 12.4 per cent increase over the June quarter of 2012 earnings of $282.4 million. The figures are graphically presented in Graph 1.




Australian visitors contributed $174.3 million or 54.9 per cent of the earnings from tourism with $48.5 million or 15.3 per cent attributed to New Zealand visitors.



Graph 2 compares the June quarter earnings from tourism in 2012 and 2013 for the major source markets. These countries accounted for 82.8 per cent of earnings in the June quarter of 2013, a decrease of 1.0 percentage point when compared to a year earlier. The changes in earnings recorded by country were as follows;

  • Australia increased by $24.1 million (16.0%) to $174.3 million;
  • New Zealand increased by $0.2 million (0.4%) to $48.5 million;
  • United States of America increased by $2.0 million (8.6%) to $25.3 million;
  • Continental Europe decreased by $0.3 million (2.0%) to $14.5 million.


The main components of earnings from tourism for the year 2010 to 2013 are given in Tables 1 and 2.  Apart from the annual data, these tables also contain the quarterly aggregates.

Appendix 1 provides some background information relating to Earnings from Tourism.

Users of Earnings from Tourism statistics should exercise caution when interpreting the data, because visitor arrivals, departure and average length of stay numbers have been estimated for the June Quarter of 2013.

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Fiji’s earnings from tourism for the September quarter of 2013 will be released as soon as the disaggregated data becomes available.