Release No.35, 2013

03 June, 2013



Visitor arrivals for March 2013 totalled 47,962, a decrease of 1.9% compared to the previous record of 48,915 set in 2012. 

Visitor arrivals from the following countries recorded a decrease, Australia [2,991 or 11.2% to 23,755]; China [471 or 21.5% to 1,722]; Canada [105 or 8.1% to 1,184]; the United Kingdom [73 or 4.3% to 1,630] and South Korea [19 or 5.4% to 332].

However, increases were recorded for visitors from Pacific Islands up [20.2% to 3,194]; Japan up [18.8% to 652]; the United States of America up [15.9% to 4,891]; New Zealand up [15.4% to 5,236] and Continental Europe up [1.9% to 2,611].

Arrivals of Fiji passport holders permanently residing overseas was 1,790 compared to 1,542 in March 2012.

The table below presents actual numbers and the 2013 and 2012 comparisons of visitor arrivals for the month of March, January to March and 12 months to March 2013.





In the moving twelve monthly numbers ending March 2013, the total number of visitors to Fiji decreased by 3.9% compared with the same period in 2012.  Visitors from the United Kingdom decreased by 28.7%; Japan [12.9%]; South Korea [12.3%]; Continental Europe [8.8%]; Australia[6.5%] and Canada  [5.3%].

Increases were recorded for visitors from the United States of America [4.4%]; Pacific Islands [2.4%]; China [1.9%] and New Zealand [1.7%].

January to March visitor arrivals in 2013 showed a 5.0% decrease over the corresponding period in 2011, down from 136,421 to 129,591.

A graphical comparison of visitor arrivals by country during the period January to March 2013 and 2012 is provided in Figure 2 below.  The twelve monthly comparison is provided in Figure 3.








The average length of stay for visitors in March 2013 was 9.2 days.  Japanese visitors stayed the longest on an average 17.3 days.  This was followed by Pacific Islands 13.4 days; Canada at 11.2 days; South Korea 10.9 days; the United Kingdom 9.9 days; Continental Europe 9.8 days; China 9.4 days and the United Kingdom 8.2 days, while Australian visitors who make up more than 40% of the total visitors stayed for an average 8.2 days.  Visitors from New Zealand had the shortest average stay duration of 8.0 days. Other visitors from our major markets had average stay durations ranging from 8.0 to 17.3 days.

For March 2013 there were:

  • Ø10,356 resident arrivals.
  • Ø10,794 resident departures.
  • Ø217 Fiji Citizens emigrating.
  • Ø4,580 Air Transit passengers.
  • Ø10,911 Cruise Ship passengers.


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