FBoS Release No.10, 2015    

13th March, 2015



Provisional numbers show that visitor arrivals for February 2015 totaled 42,175 an increase of 8.6% compared to a year earlier. 


There were increases in the number of visitors from the following countries; China [1,361 or 43.9% to 4,460]; Pacific Islands [832 or 22.0% to 4,607]; Rest of Asia [620 or 76.6% to 1,429]; New Zealand [465 or 12.3% to 4,257]; the United States of America [427 or 10.3% to 4,583] and Other Countries [141 or 44.5% to 458].


However, decreases were recorded in the number of visitors from;  Australia [down  223 or 1.3%  to 16,838]; the United Kingdom [down 90 or 5.9%  to 1,425];  Japan [down 89 or 15.8% to 474]; Canada [down 63 or 6.3% to 930]; Continental Europe [41 or 1.7% to 2,343] and South Korea [5 or 1.3% to 371].


Visitors arriving for holiday purposes accounted for 70.8% of total arrivals, 5.7% came to visit their friends or relatives, 4.5% came for business purposes, while 19% visited Fiji for other reasons.


Table 1 below presents actual numbers and the 2015 and 2014 comparisons of visitor arrivals for the month of February, six months to February and 12 months to February 2015.  


Table 1


Note: Visitor statistics are released monthly using data sourced from the Immigration System.  The number of tables released is currently due to limitations in the new system which came on line in April 2013.


Figure 1 below is a graphical comparison of Visitor Arrivals by Country for the years 2014 and 2015.





In the moving twelve monthly numbers ending February 2015, the total number of visitors to Fiji increased by 5.5% compared with the same period in 2014. Visitors from South Korea increased by 38.4%; China [23.5%]; Rest of Asia [18.3%]; New Zealand [14.3%]; the United States of America [13.6%]; Continental Europe [5.3%]; Pacific Islands [2.5%] and Australia [1.6%].


Decreases were recorded for visitors from Other Countries [20.8%]; Japan [19.0%]; Canada [5.0%] and the United Kingdom [4.6%].


In the moving six monthly numbers ending February 2015, the visitor arrivals showed a 7.3% increase over the corresponding period in 2014, up from 335,971 to 313,128.

A graphical comparison of visitor arrivals by country during a six month period to February 2014 is provided in Figure 2 below.  The twelve monthly comparisons are provided in Figure 3.


Figure 2



Figure 3



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