FBoS Release No.01, 2015
16th January, 2015

2014 Highlights:

Fiji’s annual Visitor Arrival number reached a new high of 692,630 in 2014. This was 2.6% more than the previous record of 675,050 in 2011 and represents a significant 5.3% increase over the 2013 arrival number of 657,706.
Contributing to the record level of visitor arrivals in 2014 were the significant increases in arrivals from New Zealand (15,729 to 123,968), Australia (9,066 to 349,217), USA (6,539 to 61,924), China (4,910 to 28,333), Continental Europe (1,680 to 30,585) and South Korea (1,451 to 5,676).
The 2014 visitor numbers from Australia (349,217) and New Zealand (123,968) were the highest ever in a given year and these totals equate to average daily arrivals of 957 and 340 respectively.

The Table below presents arrival numbers by country for the years 2012 - 2014.


Note: Visitor statistics are released monthly using data sourced from the Immigration System. The number of tables released is currently limited due to the new system which came on line in April 2013.

Figure 1 below is a graphical representation of Visitor Arrivals by Country for the year 2014 and 2013.

Figure 1


The July visitor arrival number of 70,816 was the highest in 2014, followed by the months of August and October with arrival figures of 69,632 and 64,545 respectively.

The peak arrival months by country and number were as follows;
1) Australia – September with 34,572 visitors
2) New Zealand – July with 18,199 visitors
3) United States of America – June with 6,830 visitors
4) United Kingdom –March with 1,659 visitors
5) Canada – July with 1,273 visitors
Figure 2 below is a graphical representation of Monthly Visitor Arrivals by Country for the year 2014.

Figure 2



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